I voted for that, before I voted against it (Again). Can't this man ever tell the truth?

As Greyhawk says in his post about this article, "Vote Nader if you must."

John Kerry had just pumped up a huge crowd in downtown West Palm Beach ... when a local television journalist posed the question that any candidate with Florida ambitions should expect:

“What will you do about Cuba?"


"I'm pretty tough on Castro, because I think he's running one of the last vestiges of a Stalinist secret police government in the world,'' ... "And I voted for the Helms-Burton legislation to be tough on companies that deal with him.''

It seemed the correct answer in a year in which Democratic strategists think they can make a play for at least a portion of the important Cuban-American vote ...

There is only one problem: Kerry voted against it.


Go read the whole thing, then, if you can't vote for George Bush, vote for Nader, write in Lieberman, write in Mickey Mouse ... Do what you must. Just DON'T vote for this jerk!


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