Amazon Problems

Please use PayPal

(I've removed some along-the-way information that was here earlier.)

I learned today, due to an outpouring of support that I never imagined was possible, that there is a monthly transaction limit on my Amazon Honor System account. Thanks to a donation from a reader who is more familiar with PayPal than I am, I realized a little bit ago that I do have a functional PayPal account and started scrambling to come up with a button. It's on my sidebar now. It works. It will be about a month before the Amazon button works again.

If anyone would prefer to use non-electronic methods, you can send money to my sister at:

Vicki Hussey
RR1 Box 271
Lawrenceville IL 62439

Thank you one and all, and may God bless you and yours.

Bill Faith


At 8:12 AM, Blogger Joann said...

Swift Boat Vets still have info. to get out. We need to encourage them to do so.


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