Open Eyes: Just had a nice laugh.

Lunaris Victoria at Open Eyes (always a good read) has posted an email exchange between Fat Mike and Bill Timmins, the Las Vegas casino director who kicked Linda Ronstadt out of his place of business after she upset hundreds of paying customers by praising the fat maggot from his stage:


Dear Mr. Timmins:

[blah, blah, blah, whine, whimper]

Michael Moore, Director,
"Fahrenheit 9/11"

Attention: Michael Moore,

In response to your letter dated July 20, 2004: You are correct that I had security remove Linda Ronstadt from Aladdin Casino and Hotel where the fun never ends and everybody wins. How very interesting to learn you are such a fan of Ms. Ronstadt.

You questioned where I live and surprisingly knew Las Vegas is in the United States. You should visit it sometime. There are thousands of wonderful 'All You Can Eat' buffets.


One of my workers is currently throwing away every complaint letter from brainless followers of you, claiming they will never visit my Casino. I could not be more pleased to know my casino and hotel will always be void of the kind of people who support you. Meanwhile, my hotel has been quickly booked solid for the rest of the year with true Americans who love this Country and support our efforts overseas.

They will see a framed copy of your letter and my response in the lobby to ensure they begin their experience with a laugh.

Bill Timmins, President
Aladdin Casino and Hotel
Las Vegas, NV


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