The Silence Of The Lions

The Silence Of The Lions As The Lambs Weep
One of the most striking actions of the past few days has been the almost-total silence of the American media on the horrific massacre in Beslan, where over 350 people died, mostly children. Mainstream news media outlets have covered this story only in the most superficial manner; they gave much higher prominence, for instance, to the hurricanes in Florida, which killed 17 and did billions of dollars in damage. The biggest outlets that arguably could commit the most resources to the story have instead glossed over the atrocities committed by the Islamist terrorists, preferring to present the nuances of Russian politics rather than a true picture of the animalistic nature of the Beslan mass murderers.

Read. Learn about The Religion of Peace.

Why didn't this get more coverage in the mainstream media? Because they don't want you to realize your child's school could be next. If you realize that, you might decide it's better to fight these scum overseas than to wait for them to come after us at home. And if you realize that you might (gasp!) vote for George Bush.


At 10:07 AM, Blogger willowfae said...

I have personally read dozens of articles about the Russian school tragedy. And, since the woman sitting 3 desks down at my office is a recent immigrant from Russia, it has been all anyone has been talking about for days. I don't think that there has been any shortage of coverage, but then as I have said, perception of media coverage is based mostly on your perspective anyway.

At 11:10 PM, Blogger gecko said...

Bill, you definately have a good point about the amount of coverage compared to the hurricane(s). I'm from Florida (currently serving overseas in California) and I was even getting tired of the coverage!


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