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Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2004 03:50:19 -0400
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From: "Vets4Bush.com Mailing List"
Subject: Troops Support President Bush

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We asked this active Air Force member if we could share his letter with our group. We all just had a hectic week ~ Lots of PR and along with that some other not so kind comments ~ the debate on Thursday. This letter should inspire you to keep working hard for the next 31 days, to keep President Bush in office! Though addressed to ma'am, it is for all our volunteers and our other grassroots friends!



I would like to express my personal gratitude to your group and the others like it. President Bush is not only my president, but my Commander-in-Chief as well. I am a member of the United States Air Force and have deployed to the Middle East five times. That would be five times more than most of those that sit in their armchairs at night, watching the evening news, telling their families what our foreign policy should be. I have been there. I have seen the face of terrorism. If we do not fight the terrorists in their own backyard, we will be fighting them in ours. I prefer the former. Trust me when I say this, President Bush is pursuing the correct policy. I am not alone in my feelings. At least 90% of my brothers-in-arms, across all branches agree with what we are doing to stem the tide of terrorism. Our biggest fear is that John Kerry will be elected president, and we will not be able to completeour important work in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I often hear people say that there is no link between Saddam Hussein and terrorism. That is on par with saying that there was no link between the Nazis and Japan during WWII. The Nazis did not attack us on December 7, 1941, yet our leadership saw a growing threat from Germany as well as a direct threat from Japan. I liken this vision to President Bush’s clear vision of the task at hand. Unfortunately, military members are not authorized to speak their minds in regards to political issues. If they could, you would hear a resounding roar of support for President Bush. It is a difficult task, however, with your organization and others like it, we are often reminded as to why we stand so boldly in the face of terror. It is for you, and all Americans, that I wear my uniform with pride and would defend to the death your freedom, and the freedom of your children.

God bless you,

MSgt __________ ________________ (name omitted)


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Please DO NOT REPLY to this message unless it is urgent content. This list a very large and has been generating a lot of "thank you" email that I can't handle..... Gracias.


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