Kerry on (just about anything): Yes, No, Maybe

Donald Sensing, a retired Army officer and current Methodist minister, links to a number of worthwhile posts concerning John Kerry’s defense policy in general, and his acceptance speech in particular, then offers some observations of his own:

But I can't see where Kerry understands the complexities of defense policy. Why did he verbally bifurcate his apparent doctrine of response to attack and pre-emption of imminent threat? They are heads and tails of the same coin, joined at the self-defense hip, but Kerry seems not to have made the connection.

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So after hearing the keynote address of his entire campaign past or future, I don't know what John Kerry's defense doctrine or guiding philosophy are other than proclaiming every other breath, "I served in Vietnam!" Nothing Kerry said last night or any other time has enlightened me further than that.

Update 2004-07-31: Two things I should have mentioned about Rev. Sensing:

  1. He was retired from the Army (artillery) before he entered divinity school to become a minister
  2. His son is currently in Basic Training with the Marine Corps., so he isn’t exactly a disinterested party here.


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