Maybe it's time to switch to Firefox for good.

So, with Internet Explorer, the sidebar containing my profile, blogroll, etc. is off to the side where it should be, but the top of it is just under the bottom of my bottom post. That happens even with the basic Blogspot template I’m using, even with no customizations to add a blogroll, links to my web site, etc. I tried a couple of their other templates and they look even worse. I’ve seen similar problems on other Blogspot blogs in the past, then they were back to normal after two or three days. I guess for now if anyone wants to see what my blog site is supposed to look like they’ll have to use Mozilla Firefox. I’ve been reading a lot of good things about Firefox anyway, especially that it’s immune to a lot of viruses and junkware that take advantage of Internet Explorer bugs. I downloaded it to see how it liked my blog, but I may start using it a lot, maybe all the time.


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