John Kerry: Unfit for Command -- Update 15

[Continued from Update 14.]

From Professor Glenn Reynolds:

THE RIGHT-WING ASSAULT MACHINE has been after Kerry for a while, it would seem. Who knew its tentacles extended so far? . . . [BF: The link goes to that notorious right wing attack rag The Village Voice. Click it!]

UPDATE: My God, they've been after him since the beginning!

Quote of the day, also from Professor Reynolds:

FIRST THEY IGNORE YOU. Then they attack you. Then you win.

For the most part, the mainstream media is still struggling to help Kerry however they can. I think at this point it's mainly a case of realizing how bad they're going to look, when the truth finally comes out, for continuing to provide such one-sided coverage as long as they did: In Bill's World, The American Mind, Dave Shearon. One the other hand, Newsweek has actually published a reasonably balanced article on the Swift Boat Vets' accusations:

... As sailors who weren't on Kerry's boat tell the story of what happened on March 13, 1969, Kerry did nothing very heroic. ...

More on the Kerry situation in general: In Bill's World, Investors Business Daily, Captain's Quarters, Captain's Quarters, Captain's Quarters, Captain's Quarter's, Instapundit, U. S. News & World Reports, Black Five, Donald Sensing


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