John Kerry: Unfit for Command -- Update 14

[Continued from Update 13.]

Prof Glenn Reynolds' August 21 post on the Kerry situation is too good to put off until I do my next "daily" update. Especially notable is this from an email Glenn received:

While I'm glad the vets are finally getting their chance to be heard, it's not the Vietnam stories that bother me. It's Kerry's reaction to the books and ads. This is showing his character today, not in the past, and it's not pretty.

For almost a year there have been attack ads against Bush. Bush displayed much more character by not demanding that the books and movies and ads that have been attacking him be banned the way Kerry is trying to do. Bush stood up for the rights of even those who opposed him and lied about him.

Kerry tries to silence any opposition, in much the same way as portrayed in Fahrenheit 451 (the original book). That is frightening!

And to make matters worse, the mainstream media is in collusion with him.

What can I add? ... Heh. Read The Whole Thing.


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