A Letter To The Man Without Honor

From Mike "Sergeant America" Brodie, a Vietnam-era vet:

A Letter To The Man Without Honor

John Forbes Kerry:

Having just watched a very well done tribute to our Nation's Military Services at the Republican National Convention; I cannot help but think about your hollow, empty speech at your own National Party's Convention where you, your wife and your followers did nothing more than pay tribute to your nomination. It is becoming so very difficult to read, hear or view any reports about your candidacy; as well as your improper, shallow bragging. The constant drumbeat of self serving surrogates that offer praise in regard to your four months service in Vietnam, make me ill.

You are a coward, Sir.


You are a coward, a traitor and need to be re-activated and brought to trial for your crimes while in the uniform of your Country. You are a self-confessed and self-professed War Criminal. You have given aid and comfort to our enemies. You have soiled the very Flag you "volunteered" to defend. You have destroyed any faith in you that any sane American Veteran may have had.

May you rot in Hell for your deeds and I defy you to state otherwise.

M. K. Brodie
SSgt USAF (1966 - 1970)
Roger that.


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