What media bias? THAT media bias!

Patterico, whose blog I'll be reading much more often from now on, has an excellent post up demonstrating the way writers for the mainstream media can slant a story without ever quite resorting to outright lies. To demonstrate, he's taken a not-atypical Washington Post article, rewritten it without the obvious pro-Kerry bias, and posted his article and the original side by side for easy paragraph by paragraph comparison. Please click here to read it. The sad thing is that he didn't have to wait for a particularly egregious example to make his point. He could have picked nearly any article published in recent history in the Washington Post, New York Times, L.A. Times, or any number of other major papers in the country and it would have worked just as well. The major papers are doing everything in their power to hand Kerry the presidency, whether it's ignoring Kerry's lies about his Vietnam service and what his lies tell us about his serious character flaws, continuing to attack George Bush over things he had no control over, continuing to accuse Bush of "lying" about WMDs for reporting information that the CIA and several foreign intelligence services (Great Britain, Russia, France and Germany, to name a few) believed to be true, or slanting everything they write in Kerry's favor. The saddest part is that a sizable portion of the American public is gullible enough to accept the media's distortions without even realizing they're being had.

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At 10:38 AM, Blogger willowfae said...

It's funny, but just yesterday Ryan and I were talking about the apparent media slant towards Bush. But, then, we read 99% of our news on the internet rather than in the papers. Also, we live in a heavily Republican state. So, it is really all about perspective I suppose. The pro-Bush articles are going to stick out more to me because they bug me more.
PS: I just signed up with this svc. I may switch because of the ability to search by subject on past posts.. we will see. If so, I'll post a note to my old site letting you know.


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