Are the CBS National Guard Documents Fake?

Seems the Kerryites have magically come up with some new documents from President Bush's time in the Guard that could be interpreted as reflecting poorly on Bush's performance. Naturally the mainstream media hasn't wasted any time making sure everyone knows about it. From CNN, for instance:

A memo written a year later referred to one military official "pushing to sugar coat" Bush's evaluation.

"On this date I ordered that 1st Lt. Bush be suspended from flight status due to failure to perform to USAF/TexANG standards and failure to meet annual physical examination ... as ordered," says an August 1, 1972 memo by Lt. Col. Jerry Killian, who is now dead.

CBS has even made pictures of some of the documents. Guess what? They were produced on PC, not a typewriter... in 1972. The story just broke this morning and I'm still trying to find out more. The site that apparently broke the story doesn't seem to be available right now, probably due to extremely heavy traffic. For now check out: Allah, In DC Journal, Captain's Quarters, and Kerry Spot.


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