More grandson and daughter bragging

My grandson Ian turned 2 on August 21st. No one has ever bothered to explain to him that there are some things he's just not old enough to be trying to do yet. From my daughter's blog:

[M]y brilliant child started trying to write yesterday! He came home from the babysitter's and ran straight to his MagnaDoodle, drew a curved line, and said "C!". He did the same with about 5 other letters. Most were illegible, but I am just totally impressed that he is trying to write at 2 years old! I still wish he would talk more- other babies his age seem to have better conversational skills- but maybe he can write me notes to tell me what he wants. :)

The way I see it, when Ian has something to complain about, he'll start talking up a storm. His first sentence was "I don't wanna take a nap." His second one was "But I'm not tired!" He meowed when I brought a kitten into the room Saturday and says "Thank you" consistently. What do we need a chronic complainer for?


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