Ivan's getting personal

I just learned a little while ago that one of my favorite people is headed from New Orleans to my daughter's place in Fort Worth to escape Ivan. I hope she has a home to return to when things settle down.

Update: I just fixed the "learned" link in the first line. To stay on top of the part of the hurricane story that hits me closest to home, visit my daughter's blog often.

Update 9-16-04: New Orleans dodged a bullet. Andrea's headed home and expects to be back on the job tomorrow.


At 10:47 AM, Blogger willowfae said...

Me too. They are afraid that it is going to hit the mouth of the Mississippi, and if it does, it will break New Orleans' levy. If that happens, the town is pretty much toast. Andrea brought her fiancee, her electronics, her photo albums and her kitten, but 95% of her belongings are still there. We are all glued to the weather channel waiting to see if it is going to turn or not.

PS: FYI- you linked to my post about the RNC protest arrests, not to the one about Ivan. :)

At 4:38 PM, Blogger Bill Faith said...

I just fixed the link and updated my post.


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