Housekeeping day

I've already spent a major chunk of time today, and will be spending more, on such mundane tasks as creating a "Who is this guy and where is he coming from?" post, adding buttons to my sidebar, doing some cleanup on my web site, etc; I have a bunch of things bookmarked to blog about later, but I'm sure I'll end up doing another "link dump" post without excerpting or commenting on most of them. In the mean time, thanks in large part to kind words from Pat at Kerry Haters, as of 10:00 PM I'd already broken my previous daily site traffic record, even exceeding the day Greyhawk told his readers to check out my site. To ice the cake, Pat linked to one of my favorite posts -- If that one doesn't make a good first impression on the people he sent to see it there's probably nothing else on my site that would either. I'm wishing now that I'd put in a little more housekeeping time earlier, but that's water under the bridge now. I do have some preliminary indications that something else is coming up to give me another chance to impress some people who haven't come by before, but I'll wait till it firms up then put up a nice "Welcome --- readers" post when the time comes. For now, on with the housekeeping so I can make the most of that opportunity.


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