Sunday Night Link Dump -- 9/12/04

I spent a major part of the day copying pictures and music from the hard drive on a dead computer, which I don't trust the service center not to format even though it isn't part of the problem, onto the hard drive of a rental machine. As I result, I'm once again going to have to settle for just linking to some things I wish I had time to excerpt and comment on:

Power Line: Suicide Bombers and CBS News

Chicago Sun Times: CBS falls for Kerry campaign's fake memo

Grim's Hall: Enid & Geriant

Washington Times: Bush Guard papers 'forged'

"They're forged as hell," said Earl W. Lively, 76, who during the era in question was director of Texas Air National Guard operations in Austin.

Jay Random: The alleged Killian memo of 18 August 1973 is definitely a forgery, and a poor and inept forgery, at that.

Ace: Source for the Forged Documents Unmasked?

Captain's Quarters: Caught In The Act Of Not Being AWOL!

Captain's Quarters: WaPo Tries Rehabilitating Teresa Heinz Kerry

Speed of Thought: Letter of Apology


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