An apology to Russ Vaughn and Thomas Lifson

I just published this on The Mudville Gazette:

From "A Vet's View Of The Debate -- Russ Vaughn":

Russ mentioned this in piece in an email and asked that I honor his promise to Thomas Lifson by not publishing it on my site till this afternoon. ...

Russ, I blew it. After Mrs. Greyhawk gave me permission to do the honors of posting "Vet's View" at The Mudville Gazette, I opened Movable Type to prepare the post, with every intention of waiting till around Midnight Mudville/Zulu time to publish it to the web. I thought I saved it as a draft to be published at the appropriate time. When I checked my email a few minutes ago and found Rosemary's comment in my inbox it was a total surprise. I still don't remember publishing the post, and it isn't on my site yet. I'm sorry. I won't blame you for not giving me advance notice on anything else, but I hope you won't deprive The Mudville Gazette's readers of your fine work because of my error. If Thomas is upset with you over what happened please direct him to this apology and let me know so I can email him a personal apology.

To Mr. and Mrs. Greyhawk: I'm sorry I've done something that some might see as reflecting badly on a fine site. The fault was mine entirely. Apparently I'm not always capable of recognizing when my health problems interfere with my ability to think clearly. (The cause was not alcohol or other recreational chemicals. It resulted from exhaustion and Hypo-K. I just need to remember my limits.)

To The Mudville Gazette's readers: I'm optimistic Russ will be understanding about my error and I hope my error will not slow the flow of Russ's fine work to a fine site.

After I realized I'd messed up and published "Vet's View" prematurely at Mudville I went ahead and published it a little earlier than I'd intended to here, to avoid further confusing people who followed the '(Cross-posted from "In Bill's World")' link from Mudville.


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