Testing the Hello Bloggerbot with a picture of Dad

A picture of Dad while he was in the Navy. Taken about 60 years ago.

I'm posting this to test my ability to store and post pictures using the Hello BloggerBot. It seems to work pretty well and it's free. It's looks like a good way for people with a Blogspot blog and no other online storage space to be able to put pictures in their blogs. Another freebie from Google (Blogspot blogs are also Google freebies.)

(Up till now, I was posting pictures by linking to my web site, but some people have Blogspot blogs who don't have web sites. Now that I know this works, I can email my neice who's studying in Argentina and my nephew who's stationed in the Azores and tell them they no longer have excuses for not blogging pictures. )


At 6:31 PM, Blogger Brandi Jean said...

Aw, I've never seen a pic of Grandpa Faith from when he was that age...Thanks!


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