Et tu, Fox?

Damn it! CNN, CBS, MSNBC, and even frequently fair Fox were all quick to pick up the news that Kerrys bitching and moaning about the Swift Boat Veterans ads, but not one of them bothers to mention the wealth of evidence that the ads aren't doing anything more than exposing Kerry for the low-life backstabbing fraud that he is. ABC still hasn't bothered to mention the issue at all. I expected the pro-Kerry bias from the others, but I had hope for Fox. If Kerry wins the election and bends over to present both other cheeks at once, I hope the news networks will be proud of themselves for helping make it happen.

Update: I've been trying to be a little less rabid lately (You couldn't tell? Well I'm trying, anyway.) so instead of telling you how I really feel, I'll send you over to BMEWS, someplace you should know about anyway.


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