Just an ordinary guy who understands the little people

From Neal Boortz:

Apparently eager to look as out of touch as possible, John Kerry decided he needed a haircut while he was campaigning in Portland, Oregon last week. So what did he do? Go visit a local place, socialize with the locals for a perfect photo-op? Nope...once again, he flew his own private hair stylist across the country for a haircut. Must be nice.

The New York Daily News is reporting that French hair stylist Isabelle Goetz, from the exclusive Washington D.C. hair salon Christophe, rushed to groom The Poodle
on the campaign trail. If the name sounds familiar, that's the same hair stylist that shut down LAX in 1993 to give then-President Bill Clinton a haircut on the tarmac. What's with Democrats and expensive haircuts? Who knows.

Yep...that's a man of the people right there. He's so much like you and me, he flies his hair stylist from Washington, D.C. all the way to Oregon just to give him a haircut. It doesn't get any more like the common man than that.
Yeah, just an ordinary guy who understands our needs. Let's give this man an Oval Office, shall we?


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