I've "arrived"! I have trolls.

Well, I guess I've "arrived." I just found troll-droppings in the comments on one of my posts. Click here, scroll down to the comments, and behold, friends, the spoor of the Lesser American Moore-on (ignoramus Americanus stupititus). A pathetic, helpless little thing, incapable of independent thought (Never mind that fat maggot behind the curtain.), willfully ignorant of the truth, the Moore-on deludes itself that it can carry the day with lies, misdirection, and personal attacks on anyone with whom it disagrees. I may leave a few spoor samples around for the curious now and then, but I'll sweep most of them out with the rest of the trash.

[Civilized "I disagree with you because ..." comments are always welcome. Personal attacks on myself, my President, or anyone else (Jean Fraud Kerry, Slick Willy Clinton, and Michael Maggot Moore excepted) will receive exactly as much respect as they deserve. You have the right to post anything you want on your own blog, and I have the right to not read it.]


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