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I've been a Larry Gatlin fan for a lot of years. Now I have another good reason:
Since Bruce Springsteen is about to "Rock the Vote" for John Kerry, I'd be only too happy to start booking my motel rooms to hit the road for George W. Bush. With my brothers Steve and Rudy, my buddies the Oak Ridge Boys, Lee Greenwood, Mark Wills and any number of other country music artists who get their support from the Heartland, I'm going to find the time, come fall, to tell America that we're playing, and praying, for President Bush.


In closing, I'd say this to Bruce Springsteen: We do have something in common -- we were both "Born in the USA." From the bottom of my heart I say, Thank God.

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Update: Add Toby Keith to the White Hats list


At 7:08 PM, Blogger Sergeant America said...

First off, I want to type God and Government in the same sentence and in the same blog comment!
I've enjoyed Mr. Gatlin for since I don't know when...and when he and his brothers sang in the opening of the Republican Convention, my heart was touched; once again!

Other comments, fail me; but I've had "tears of joy" since...

:: thumbup :: Larry!


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