I've got Gmail! Want some?

Thanks to Backcountry Conservative, I'm now bill.faith@gmail.com, in addition to my other aliases. I may or may not switch over to that account as my main email account sometime soon, after I experiment with it a little. In the mean time, I have 6 invitations to pass out to other users. I'm going to gradually lower my criteria for passing them out till I don't have any left. Heather, Vicki, Bob & Barbara, if you'd like one let me know. Use my Gmail address or my yahoo.com address either one. I'm also going to offer invitations to my nephew who's in the Air Force and to SlagleRock. That still leaves me one, for someone else on active duty who writes and asks for it. First come, first serve. After some reasonable length of time, if I have any invitations left I'll offer them to blog friends who I know come by now and then, and then later maybe to anyone who comes by my blog long enough to notice I have some.

Update: I gave my sister one invite and SlagleRock accepted one. Somehow (Google math?) that leaves me with 5.

Update: BlackFive is coordinating an effort to collect Gmail invites for the troops. I've offered him what I have but if someone else on active duty asks first, I'll send them out that way too.

Originally posted 30-08-2004 00:15


At 10:34 AM, Blogger willowfae said...

What is gmail? Email me and explain, and I might be interested. :) - Heather


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