Forgerygate: All over but the hangin' -- On to other things

I've finally consciously considered a decision I think I made subconsciously several days ago. The blogosphere has absolutely swarmed the forged "60 Minutes" memo issue from the beginning, and nearly all of the mainstream media is on board now. It's all over but the hangin' and I'm not going to devote any more blog space to trying to keep score. I'll probably mention it when Dan Rather admits defeat or commits suicide, but other than that and posting an occasional cartoon or joke about it this will be my last mention of it. There are too many other things going on. We're still at war. North Korea may or may not have tested a nuclear weapon recently. The Syrians recently used chemical weapons in Darfur. (Gee, I wonder where they got those.) John Fraud Kerry still has a dwindling but finite chance of being elected. Life goes on.


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