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Expert: Dan Rather Exaggerates Military Record

One of the nation’s top military researchers is angry that CBS News anchorman Dan Rather continues to exaggerate and make misleading statements about his military record.

The researcher, B.G. Burkett, says that Rather’s inaccurate statements about his military service can be found in the new hit book "Bias,” written by veteran CBS reporter Bernard Goldberg.

Burkett, co-author of the book "Stolen Valor,” a history of the media’s portrayal of the Vietnam conflict, says he’s tired of Rather’s double-talk and hypocrisy.

Case in point are Rather’s claims in "Bias.” Goldberg's book details a confrontation he had with Rather over the anchorman's compulsive liberal bias.


This is the same Dan Rather, the same fine upstanding pillar of society, who wants us to believe the Forgerygate documents are genuine because he says they are, and after all, he's Dan Rather, and he would never mislead us. How dare we even suggest that he might?


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