From Neal Boortz:


If you've been paying attention to the news this morning, you'll know that about 400 people, including 200 children, are being held hostage in Russia. If you listen to most newscasts you'll hear that they're being held hostage by "rebels." Some newscasters may even go so far as to identify them as "Chechnyan rebels" or "insurgents." It's what you don't hear that's interesting. The "rebels" are Muslims. They're Islamic terrorists. ...

Why is the media so petrified of identifying these terrorists as Muslims? Is there some new unwritten rule out there which says that you cannot identify terrorists as Islamic? The media sure has no problem identifying various groups as "right wing" when the label is appropriate or fits. "Left wing?" See how often you see that term used. ...

But back to the Islamic terrorists resurrecting the old Islamic terrorist staple of attacking schoolchildren, this time in Russia. Could it possibly be that some in the mainstream media realize that identifying these "gunmen," as I just heard them called, as Islamic might actually serve to remind the American people that were fighting a war against these murderous bastards? And just who might that help in
the election?

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