A petition I hope you'll sign

The following is part of an email I just received. It isn't spam. I put myself on the mailing list deliberately the day I added the "Friend of Israel" button to my sidebar and signed the petition referred to in the mail. I hope you'll help too.

Dear Friend of Israel,

Thank you for voting “No” to a Palestinian State in the heartland of Israel.


To launch the final phase of the Israel Referendum Campaign, we are initiating what the media calls “a viral message.” Millions of emails will be sent out via media sources and our voters. To create a viral message explosion, each voter needs to pass the referendum ballot on to his contact list, requesting that they pass it on to their contact list.

Please forward this mail to your email contacts, and ask them to vote “No” to a Palestinian state in the heartland of Israel by clicking here: http://www.globalisraelalliance.com/id10.html.


I'll forward a complete copy of the mail I received to anyone who writes me and asks me for it, but I won't mail it to everyone I know. Please let me know if you'd like a copy, or just click the link to sign the petition.


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