Some good news and a huge "THANK YOU!"

For those of you who have been following my sister's health problems here and here, I have good news. After surgery on September 19th and again on the 26th, my sister went to the doctor's office this morning and was told he's pretty sure he got it all. Examination of tissue removed from around the tumor site, and of nearby lymph nodes, showed no further problems. She's still looking at chemo and/or radiation treatments, and will still be missing some more work, but the long term outlook is bright.

After two very nice donations last night and a steady trickle of smaller ones, my Amazon bleg/tip jar button has so far replaced roughly three days of my sister's lost wages. Most of that, including the two largest donations, was given anonymously. I have enough e-friends, from a teenage boy in New York, to college students in Kentucky and at Purdue, to people I have long admired and only recently been in two-way communication with, that I won't even try to guess who left me money without telling me whom to thank. All I can do is use my blog as a place to say "THANK YOU." So, THANK YOU!


At 3:42 AM, Blogger Beth said...

THAT is some GREAT NEWS!!!!!


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