Meet someone else who isn't too impressed with Jean Fraud Kerry

"Sunnye" left this comment on "John Kerry's other salute". I thought you should see it.:
I'm so glad to see folks who know what a salute should look like affirming my impression of Kerry's salute. I'm a relic of the Korean War era, a grandmother who learned to salute at an R-Day practice at the US Military Academy at West Point and I do believe my salute is snappier than his!

For that matter, my brain is snappier than Kerry's.

Thanks to all of you who have served our fantastic country so well. In spite of what the media would have you believe, most of us honor you.
Sunnye, thank you for your support. btw, I just added your blog to my blogroll.


At 8:40 AM, Blogger K-Squared said...

Impressed, embarassed perhaps, but certainly not impressed and I'm a registered Democrat. I don't agree with everything that President Bush has done in office, But I've never agreed with all teh descisions by any president. There are a lot of things I would like to see change in America, Mr. Kerry Probabbly wants to see some of teh same things changed. I very much doubt though that he would like to change them in the Same way. So despite my not being completely satisfied with President Bush's term thus far, I am sadly convinced that there is NO WAY Mr. Kerry could do any better.

I remain unimpressed.


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