It's still Sept. 12, and it will be for quite a while.

It's September 12th. For some of us, it will be for a long time to come. For other's, it was September 10th again before the WTC even quit smoking. If you're back in that September 10th world, here are some links I hope you'll click to refresh your memory.

Read how Lila remembers that day.

Read how Greyhawk remembers it.

Read about young Sara's grasp of the situation.

Did you see the poster Michele and Lisa put together? Look at it again.

Maybe Charles Johnson's slideshow will refresh your memory.

Or how about a short movie?

Didn't enjoy that one? How about this one?
(Hat tip: gecko sent me that link but hasn't posted it himself yet.)

Check back later, I'll find you some more. I have the URL for at least one more, but the sites are getting so much traffic I can't get to them to verify what I have right now.

I'll keep this near the top of my blog where it's easy to find.

(Post-dating this post to keep it near the top of the stack. Originally published 12Sep04)


At 11:11 PM, Blogger gecko said...

Bill, thanks for the Hat Tip! I answered your question on my blog:

I didn't want to take away from the gay patriots thunder. Besides, you see what I got from just the small tribute I did post from my circle of blog peers. They keep me honest and thinking all the time!

I'm sure I'll get more traffic from your link to my blog as well, thanks again! BTW, being an independent (hard to believe, huh) I try to keep an open mind about most things. I'm sure it will help me when I retire up in Washington State, but man, some of these liberals have such twisted mental processes!...keep blogging!


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