Did the dam just break?

Did the dam just break? (Ref "Dean Esmay and Captain Ed both report cracks in the dam" below.) Scott Johnson at Power Line reports "The dam breaks." Scott is happy to report that the Wall Street Journal, which he says has the second largest daily circulation in the United States, just published an editorial pointing out that John Kerry's claim to have crossed into Cambodia on a Swift Boat just doesn't hold water. (Pardon the pun. Blame me for that one, not Scott or the WSJ.) The WSJ editorial ends with the conclusion: "So far the veteran whose testimony is doing John Kerry the most damage is . . . John Kerry." I hope that Scott's right, that the dam has broken, but I fear that all we can realistically call the WSJ editorial is a larger, albeit very threatening, crack. The point I'm afraid Scott is missing is that the WSJ has a very conservative readership, only a small portion of whom were likely to have voted for Kerry regardless of any Vietnam-related issues. That's not to say I don't see hope, though. The WSJ is by far the most influential paper to have pointed out the flaws in Kerry's Cambodia story. It just became a lot harder for the N.Y. Times and Washington Post to keep ignoring the issue. When they publish something as hard-hitting as the WSJ did, then the dam will break.


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