Infidel Cowboy linked to this video in his post that I excerpted below, and I know there are dozens of other links to it on the net already, but if for some reason you haven't watched it yet, WATCH IT NOW. Learn what the men who served with "hero" John Kerry in Vietnam think of him. Think about that the next time he mentions Vietnam and tries to claim that having been there somehow qualifies him to be Commander in Chief of our nations armed forces.

Hell, people, I was in 'Nam over twice as long as Kerry was. People tried to kill me. Pure blind luck kept me from being on a C-130 that no one walked away from. I guess that means I should be running for office instead of Kerry. The difference is I'm honest enough to admit I'm not smart enough to be in charge. Kerry isn't either, but for him honesty has nothing to do with it.

Four months, three Band-Aids, and the stupid S.O.B. thinks we're supposed to worship him. Oh, I forgot, he has a secret plan to get us out of Iraq! All we have to do is trust him. Remember Nixon's secret plan for getting us out of Vietnam?


The script for the video is available here, but you really need to watch it to truly understand.

Clarification 1: (for the younger crowd that might not remember) Most of us never did figure out what Nixon's secret plan was. He might have had one, and it might have worked if people like John Kerry and Walter Cronkite hadn't convinced a sizable portion of the American public that it was time to cut and run. Congress used their budget authority to force Nixon to start withdrawing troops before it made sense to, then cut off logistical support to the South Vietnamese and abandoned them to their fate.

Clarification 2: I came home from 'Nam 3 months short of being there a year, due to the congressionally-mandated troop withdrawal.


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