Who I'd really like to vote for

Some people might get the impression from things I've posted that I'm a staunch Republican, and I'm not. I'm not really all that happy with either of the choices in this fall's election; Kerry just scares me worse than Bush. If I thought Kerry would handle the war on terror right I could probably ignore the fact I've hated him for over 30 years. Actually, if I didn’t consider a Kerry presidency such a terrible idea, I’d write in Joseph Lieberman for President and Zell Miller for V.P. (and they’re both Democrats!) But I can’t. What if I did and Kerry carried Illinois by one vote? Even if Kerry wins Illinois, I’m tired of hearing about how Gore won the popular vote, and I don’t want to listen to four more years of whining from people who don’t understand why we use an Electoral College and not a direct popular vote.


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