Disappointment -- !! NOT !!

Is it time for some damage control? I hope not, but if it is I hope it’s not too late.

An excerpt from my beautiful, very intelligent, adult daughter’s blog:

I have a confession to make, which I am sure will have my very intelligent and very passionate Vietnam Veteran father shaking his head in disappointment.

I am a pacifist.


I DO understand that everyone can't be that way, and I AM grateful for those who fight to defend me and my freedom. I did not complain when Bush attached Afghanistan because I saw it as a matter of self defense.

But Iraq... I just don't see where there was a clear and immediate danger. We basically said that we thought they were probably amassing weapons that they might like to use against us, so we might as well take them out before they got the chance.


(Click here for the whole thing.)

Disappointed? Because my little girl thinks for herself? Never gonna happen. From the email I sent her a little bit ago:

Your “very intelligent and very passionate Vietnam Veteran father” loves you very much. Forever. Unconditionally. Period. It’s possible for two intelligent people to look at the same set of facts and reach different conclusions. We’ve done that, and I can’t be disappointed in you for making up your own mind about things.
I’m going to keep on blogging, partly as a way to blow off steam and partly in the belief that if someone, somewhere, reads something I wrote and reconsiders a vote for John Kerry it will be worthwhile. George Bush will carry Texas this fall without my daughter’s vote, and John Kerry will probably carry Illinois without mine. I’ll vote for Bush because I want my daughter and my grandson to live safe, happy lives and die of old age. And I’ll keep right on being proud of my little girl for thinking for herself, and for a lot of other reasons.


At 12:08 AM, Blogger Reid Stott said...

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At 3:06 AM, Blogger Bill Faith said...

I guess I'm still learning to use Blogger. Fortunately I had a copy of Reid's comment so I can reproduce it:

Kudos to you and your daughter for not letting the poisoned partisan atmosphere of our times infect your relationship. You two give me a bit of hope, when all around me elsewhere I see signs of some kind of social civil war. The "real one" 140 years ago split families asunder in terrible ways. Don't let this one do that to you two.

Posted by Reid Stott to In Bill's World at 8/3/2004 12:08:18 AM


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