John Kerry: Unfit for Command -- Update 12

[Continued from Update 11.]

Dean Esmay has a well-written article pointing out the effect the Internet (which I'm sure Al Gore now regrets inventing) has had on the whole Swift Boats issue.

Rachel Lucas condenses things to their very core so well I stand in awe:
So it's left to innocent voters like me to figure out who's telling the truth. Do I believe a group of 256 Vietnam veterans who say Kerry's a liar, or do I believe John Kerry and Jim Rassman, who say 256 Vietnam veterans are liars? Gee, lemme think about it for a sec.

It's not just the Swift Boat Vets going after Kerry now. Read my post on the new ad, then follow the links to Greyhawk's place to keep up with the latest. And don't miss Captain Ed's post on the same topic. Also: Instapundit, Black Five

The Kerry camp is running scared, trying to use shady legal tactics to keep you from hearing the truth. Assigned reading: In Bill's World, Captain's Quarters, Donald Sensing

The mainstream media is doing their best to help Kerry, too: In Bill's World, The Right Coast, Michelle Malkin, MSNBC, N.Y.Times, Power Line, Power Line

And, the evidence keeps piling up that Kerry's lying about his "heroic" service in Vietnam: Captain's Quarters, Captains Quarters, Donald Sensing, Donald Sensing, Donald Sensing, Weekly Standard


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