CNN mentions new Swift Boat Vets ad

Amazingly, CNN.com actually mentions the new Swift Boat Veterans For Truth ad, less than 24 hours after Greyhawk posted about it. They work hard at discrediting the new ad, but just the fact they mentioned it at all has me scanning the skies for flying pigs. ABC and MSNBC are both too busy kissing up to the N.Y. Times to mention there's a new ad. CBS and Fox are currently ignoring the SwiftVets completely, but at least for the moment they aren't siding with the enemy.

Update: The CNN link was messed up earlier. I think I now have it pointing to the same page it was supposed to point to before.

5:15 PM: Fox finally got around to acknowledging the issue here and here. There's also another link on their site pointing to the second story, apparently by mistake.


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