Think those ads don't have Kerry's people worried?

Kerry files FEC complaint against critical veterans group
The Kerry presidential campaign on Friday filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, alleging ads from an anti-Kerry veterans' group are inaccurate and "illegally coordinated" with Republicans and the Bush-Cheney campaign. ...
What happened to "Bring it on?" Rather than try to debate the facts, and facts they are, the Kerry camp would rather stoop to trying to suppress the free speech rights of anyone who dares tell the truth about their shining Prince Jean. Is this election going to have to end up back in the Supreme Court because the Dems think the First Amendment should only apply to their version of the story?


At 7:48 PM, Blogger Pat in NC said...

Files with FEC, files suit against swiftvets, attempts to block sales of Unfit for Command in bookstores, sttempts to get publisher to recall the books. He is running scared and I think he will implode. Why doesn't he file the 180? Why doesn't he request his attendance records from the closed intelligence committee meetings?Why do Kerry and Edwards hang on to their senate seats?
Why is one of my senators awol? Lawyers will monitor elections so everbodys vote counts, well maybe not the military like was tried in FL. Mine for Edwards as Sen was my biggest mistake. One I will not repeat!


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