MAJOR cracks in the dam. The Johns are being flushed.

A tip of the hat to Adrian Spidle's Public Enquiry Project for linking to Friendly Fire: The Birth of an Anti-Kerry Ad. Amazingly enough, The New York Times article you'll find there actually does a fairly reasonable job of presenting both sides of the "Why are those guys attacking Kerry?" issue. Among the things you'll learn by clicking the link is that most (53% vs. 39% as of this writing) of the people who've taken the online poll there believe The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth over John Kerry about Kerry's Vietnam record and that 55% of those taking the poll think George Bush has more to gain than John Kerry from a debate over Vietnam. There are also links to both Swift Boat ads. This is from an AOL News post containing a New York Times piece. After reading the New York Times piece and the Washington Post piece I mentioned earlier, I think it's finally safe to say the dam is breaking. The Johns are about to get flushed, none too soon.


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