John Kerry: Unfit for Command -- Update 17

[Continued from Update 16.]

Possibly the most significant post of the day yesterday: Captain Ed links to a Washington Post article that, as he puts it, "Runs A Stake Through The Heart Of Kerry's Cambodian Fable." Read the Post article and Ed's analysis. Denizens of the blogosphere have known about the Cambodia lie for some time, due in large part to Ed's research, but seeing an article so critical of Kerry in the Washington Post is earth-shaking. There will never be any way to prove it, but if Kerry loses the election I think a large part of the credit should be given to SBVT, Captain's Quarters, and Power Line.

Also worth noting, also from Captain's Quarters, is proof, from the Democratic National Committee's web site, that there has been major cooperation between MoveOn.org and the Kerry campaign. Click here to read Ed's post on that. This puts a whole new light on the Kerry campaign's whining to the Federal Election Commission about supposed cooperation between the Bush Campaign and Swift Boat Veterans For Truth.

The mainstream media has been enthusiastically spreading the word for a couple of days now that George Bush spoke out against "the SBVT ads." What the President spoke out against was all 527-funded ads. MoveOn.org has outspent SBVT by a factor of 20. I'm still waiting for Jean Fraud Kerry to condemn MoveOn.

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