Service Pack 2 and ... Scripts? Active X?

I'm not sure now what Service Pack 2 didn't like about my blog the first time I opened it. It also gave me a message saying it might not be safe to open the Useful Links page I still use now and then to make it easy to find some of my daily reads. The message said something about Active-X, which makes no sense at all in terms of that page. I guess people running SP2 will figure out soon enough that it cries "Wolf!" now and then when it shouldn't. I just wonder how soon that will lead to ignoring valid warnings. I wish Microsoft had at least tried to build in a list of base sites that it wouldn't complain about running scripts from. I mean, there can't be more than a few million sites out there that run scripts from blogrolling.com, for Pete's sake.

I spent way longer than it should have taken me figuring out where I could put a message assuring my readers that it was safe to tell SP2 it was OK to run the scripts on my site. I wanted it higher on the page than it ended up, but that's the best I can do. If you missed it near the top of the page it says:

Windows XP SP2 Users: There may be a bar just above the top of this window telling you that Windows just blocked a script and that you need to click the bar if you want to let it run. I promise I'll never run any script that will do anything harmful to your system. I run scripts to display my blogrolls, my site meter, my standing in the TTLB ecosystem, etc. If I knew how to write a script to detect and delete pro-Kerry and pro-Islamist files from your hard drive I'd run that too, but I don't so you're safe. -- Bill Faith bdfaith@yahoo.com

I meant all of it. If I ever decide to study hacking, I might use my new-found talents on Islamist sites, or maybe against "MoveOn,org: Dumbocracy in Action" (No, I didn't forget to link to them. I don't link to scum.), but I'll never punish anyone for visiting my blog or my web site.

I'm going to end up having to skip my nightly John Kerry: Unfit for Command post. I'll include the links I would have used in tonight's post tomorrow night.


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