He was proud of it when he wrote it, now he doesn't want you to read it. CLICK HERE for a look at it.

When Jean Fraud Kerry got back from Vietnam, his top priority was to build a reputation so he could go into politics. Toward that end (or maybe just because he's a two-faced lying backstabbing asshole by nature) he became a key member of Vietnam Veterans Against The War. He participated in high-volume slander of every G.I. who went to Vietnam, even to the point of testifying before Congress about non-existent war crimes and writing a book on the subject. When he decided he wanted to be President he put John Heinz's money to work buying up every copy of The New Soldier his lackeys could locate. He also refused to grant permission to the publisher to print new copies. What he couldn't do anything about was people who already had copies they might be willing to share. Guess what? The New Soldier is now available on the internet. Click here or on the picture above to get a downloadable copy to peruse at your convenience. On the same page, there are also links to Kerry's 1971 testimony before the U.S. Congress and to three free chapters of Unfit For Command, the other book Kerry really, really, doesn't want you to read.

A lot of Vietnam vets aren't going to be voting for Kerry. Some of them are even doing what they can to talk other people out of it. Now you know part of their reason.

The page with the links to The New Soldier is on a BlogSpot server. I've never gotten enough traffic to need to wonder if there is any bandwidth limit on BlogSpot, but this will be the test. It also wouldn't surprise me in the least to see the Kerry campaign try to take legal action to get the downloadable copy of the book removed from the net. Just to be safe, I've copied the http://johnkerrythenewsoldier.blogspot.com/ page to my hard drive, along with the book itself. I'm sure I'm not the first one to think of that. If it becomes necessary, I'll post links to a copy of the page, and to the book, at http://users4.ev1.net/~bdfaith/Op-Ed/Op-Ed.htm. Please, if you're reading this and the links to the New Soldier pages don't work, email bdfaith@yahoo.com and let me know about it.

Update: Sergeant America links to another site where the book is available and has the same attitude I do about picking up the torch and running with it if the first couple of guys who put it online get shut down somehow. Have you noticed how much success the record companies have had stopping people from sharing music files? ...


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