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So, Former Senator Max Cleland and a handful of sitting Democratic Senators (Remember Tom Harkin, who'd still be telling people he flew combat missions over 'Nam if Al Gore hadn't invented the internet?) want the President to condemn the swift boat ads. Let's forget about all the mud-slinging by MoveOn.org for a little bit and just get to know Max Cleland.
  1. Fact: Mr. Cleland did serve honorably in Vietnam, contrary to John Kerry's testimony to Congress that every G.I. over there was a monster.

  2. Fact: Mr. Cleland lost three limbs in an accident in 'Nam, not due to enemy fire. At least he's honest enough to admit it instead of asking for a medal for it like Kerry did for his self-inflicted scratches.

  3. Firmly held opinion: Max Cleland is an asshole.

I could spend a couple of hours Googling up dirt on Max Cleland, but fortunately Sergeant America has done already done that and posted the information on his (so wonderfully named I'm jealous) Johnny Four Months blog. Click here to go straight to his post on Mr. Cleland.

I just discovered Johnny Four Months a couple of days ago, but it's on my daily visit list. "Sergeant America" was just leaving the Air Force about the time I enlisted and we seem to see eye-to-eye on just about everything. If I ever find myself disagreeing with one of his posts, or him disagreeing with one of mine, I'll definitely have to take time to stop and really think over my position on the subject.


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