Operation Give needs some help.

Operation Give, a very worthwhile charity benefiting Iraqi children, has been ripped off for $30,000.00 by a shipping company that was supposed to deliver 3 large containers of donated supplies to Iraq.

Michelle Malkin has more on her site:

By Michelle Malkin · August 02, 2004
08:28 AM

Chief Wiggles, who initiated the Operation Give toy drive for Iraqi children, needs your assistance in dealing with the Scrooges at Atlas Line. Please click on over and give a hand if you have a chance today.
Glenn Reynolds posted at Instapundit:

OPERATION GIVE is having problems with Atlas Lines. Chief Wiggles' blog and Reid Stott have more information.

posted at 03:34 PM by Glenn Reynolds

I’ve emailed Atlas Line about this (as I hope thousands of other people have or will), then sent a copy of my mail to Atlanta talk show host Neal Boortz in hopes he’ll help spread the word. If anyone reading this has time to help flood Atlas Line with angry emails and phone calls about this, please do. Their email address is info@atlas-line.com and their phone number is (404) 766-4676.


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