Pledge, Counter-pledge -- Continued

After posting "Pledge, Counter-Pledge" I emailed Dean Esmay to make sure he knew about Ironbear's pledge, and that I had signed up to it. That may or may not have been how he learned about Ironbear's pledge. At any rate, his Counter Pledgers post is his response to Ironbear's counter-pledge. I strongly recommend going there and reading what he has to say on the subject, and continuing down the page to read the comments that were left on his post. I'll excerpt part of my comment there here, but I really recommend going there and reading his post and all of the comments.

A portion of the comment I left on Dean's site:

There is nothing in Ironbear's pledge about bad-mouthing our troops or hoping for GWOT setbacks to blame on the president. My hatred of Kerry is a direct result of his anti-G.I./anti-veteran activities after he returned from Vietnam, and I'll never be party to any such thing, regardless of who's in the White House. What I pledged to do is to continue, if Kerry is elected, to point out that the man is a despicable two-faced phony, to publicize the mistakes he will certainly make, and to remind anyone that will listen that he won the election by lying to the American public. I don't see that as un-American in the least. On the contrary, if Kerry is elected this fall I'll consider it my patriotic duty to do my best to see that he loses in 2008, for the good of our country. We might survive 4 years of Kerry's "sensitive" approach to the GWOT, but I doubt that we could survive 8. I have a daughter and a grandson. You have a son and a child on the way. I'll be doing what I think is best for them.

Full disclosure: In 1972 I narrowly avoided death (Picture missing a 9/11 flight due to a flat tire.) at an airbase just outside of Kontum, which is considerably closer to Cambodia than John Kerry has ever been. I realize that may color my reaction to John Kerry's phony claims. I've hated the man with a passion for over 30 years, and I won't be able to suppress that hatred if he's elected this fall. Ironbear may have posted his pledge partly in jest. I posted it on my site and signed up to it in all seriousness.

Update 8/15/04 12:35 AM: The discussion continues in Dean's comment section, with several people having made some good points. Go there if you're interested.

Update 2:32 AM: I just promised in a comment on Dean's site that I'm dropping the "Pledge, Counter-Pledge" issue till after the election. That'll give us both that much more time to work on keeping Kerry out of the White House so the issue becomes moot.


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