Pledge, Counter-pledge

Dean Esmay wanted everyone to promise that if Kerry's elected, we'll all play nice and not make his life any more difficult than necessary. I read about Dean's proposed pledge on another blog (although I read Dean's every day) and stated in the comments on that blog (I wish I could remember which one) that what I'd pledge to do is contribute whatever I could to limiting Kerry's stay in the White House to four years. Ironbear at Who Tends the Fires has proposed his own pledge, which I heartily endorse.

First, there was The PLEDGE. Then, there were the Ditto Pledges as everyone piled on the Dean Train.

Now, at first here at RFI, we were thoroughly opposed. After all, we mused, given the virulence and virtually criminal unfairness of the Left over the past four years, why should WE pledge to play nice?

We still haven't come up with a satisfactory answer to that, ...

So... having given this much thought... we have finally come around to Dean's way of thinking ..., and Radio Free is prepared to not only meet Dean's World more than halfway, but to go them one better.

So, without further muckadoo, Radio Free Ironbear presents - The Anti-Pledge Pledge:

In the unlikely event that our fellow idiots travelers choose to allow the Media to select Elect John Fucking Kerry, Radio Free stands ready to resist welcome our new Pretender Commander In Chief's usurpation [ascension] to his dubious position as the Betrayer Leader of the formerly Free World.

We pledge to scrutinize his every misstep, poke unrestrained fun at his every foible, remind people at every stretch of his campaign's documented dubious activities during the election, resist vociferously his every effort to legislate away what's left of the Constitution and to relinquish our sovereignty to the UN, plug the Swift Boat Vets for Truth book at every opportunity, publicize his every broken campaign waffling, and highlight the scurrilous activities of Kerry's supporters, cabinet, and the media's complicity in making sure that they're ignored. And to fight the Left to the bloody fucking bitter end on every attempt to Transnationalize our country.

And the truly neat thing is that, unlike our counterparts on the Left, WE won't have to make shit up to do it - John Kerry himself will hand us all the ammo we need, just as Bill Clinton did before him. We won't even have to lie. ...


Sa'ang-fori. The gloves are off. No remorse. No quarter. No surrender. No nicey-nice...


You guys just thought Clinton got the treatment.

I can delude myself that if I ever got a round tuit I might have said the same thing better, but it didn't happen, so: Ironbear, I pledge to help.

(My apologies for quoting rough language on my blog. I try to refrain from expressing myself so clearly, but I consider Ironbear's pledge worth supporting and I wouldn't feel right about modifying it to quote here. I have cleaned up some obvious typos.)


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