Wouldn't it be nice to vote FOR Someone?

So, my daughter is going to vote AGAINST George Bush because he isn't rocket-scientist smart and his tangue gets tungled up now and then. I'm going to vote AGAINST John Kerry because he's a pathological liar and would rather let my daughter and grandson die in a terrorist attack than do what needs done without French and German permission. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to vote FOR someone? Maybe, with a lot of luck, if enough people come to their senses about Kerry in time, in 4 years we can be choosing between Condi Rice and Joe Lieberman, and people can decide whom to vote FOR again, like we used to. Maybe we can have an election some day between two smart, honest, decent people, either one of whom would be acceptable to most of the American public. Wouldn't it be nice?


At 9:51 PM, Blogger infidel cowboy said...

Bill - great post. I couldn't agree with the sentiment more. I was having a discussion at work with some people the other day than ran exactly along those lines - everyone is voting against someone, but not for anything.

I also like and would second both of your potential nominees. I might also submit Rudy Giuliani as a good candidate.


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