Which bloggers served in the military?

Backcountry Conservative Jeff Quinton has embarked on a worthwhile project:

Who Served?

Michelle Malkin points to a table put together by E.J. Perkins of azcentral.com (a Marine Corps vet) of political and media figures that points out who served (and didn't serve) in the military and when. Other information regarding the branch and type of service is included.

Kos is the only prominent blogger (the others listed are Glenn Reynolds, Wonkette, Andrew Sullivan, Josh Marshall) listed who has served in the military.

This gave me an idea. The blogosphere was significantly underrepresented in the table and it would be interesting (in the same way the Perkins table on politicians and reporters is interesting) to see which bloggers, besides the self-identified ones, have served.

If you served or serve in the military and blog, make a post on your blog ...

I'm glad to see someone is putting together such a list and suspect it may contain some surprises. I would never have guessed, for instance, that "Daily Kos," which I refuse to link to, was written by a military veteran. What's next? Was Michael Moore the spook that Kerry dropped off in Cambodia?

I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1970 and was discharged as a SSgt (E5) in 1974. During that time I spent 9 months in Vietnam as an Air Cargo Specialist, then cross-trained as a Material Facilities Specialist when I got back to The World. (Like Sen. Tom Harkin, I did not fly combat missions over 'Nam.) In short form for Jeff's list I guess that's: "Bill Faith, U.S. Air Force 1970-'74, SSgt, Vietnam vet."


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