John Kerry: Unfit for Command -- Update 2

Professor Glenn Reynolds has been doing a great job of linking to what people all over the net have to say about J. Fabricator Kerry's Vietnam record. Click here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

As Infidel Cowboy pointed out here and here, it isn't really Kerry's actions in Vietnam that matter, it's what that whole issue tells us about his character.

"It is about the character of someone who would write themselves up for awards they didn't deserve. It is about the character of someone who would accuse his fellow veterans of committing war crimes." ... "I can ... hold it against a candidate if they make themselves out to be a hero for political gain and it later turns out be untrue." ... "Those things have nothing to do with VietNam and everything to do with the character of those involved."

That doesn't change the fact that a lot of guys my age still hate Kerry with a passion for his activities after he got back from 'Nam. I can't write about John Kerry without the hate showing through. I'm glad there are people like Infidel Cowboy who can explain the situation in the dispassionate terms I can't.

Update: Don't miss this Mudville Gazette post.

Update 2: ... or this at Captain's Quarters


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