Even more dirty politics! Can you believe this?

I just can't believe the mail I get some days! There's a new conspiracy around every corner! I am aghast -- aghast I say! -- that someone could dare suggest something like this:

Shouldn’t we be concerned about Vote-Swapping? If so, we Republicans should be getting together to dupe this website, www.votepair.org Thousands of Republicans should be asked to log into this site to act as if we are Nader supporters in a battle ground state. Then they would pair us up with a Kerry supporter in a strong state for Bush. Let the fool vote for Nader in the Bush state but we vote our normal vote for Bush. I firmly believe, if we just flood these websites with thousands of pairing requests. They would have to simply flush the whole deal because of the mass confusion or ultimately, it would backfire on them.

We probably need to come up with a list of Battleground states (Suggestions: MN, IA, AR, NM, NV, OR, MI, OH, VA, PA, FL). Go to http://www.votepair.org/ and have everybody pick one of the battleground state that you may come up with. It won’t matter if they are from that state or not. They won’t have anyway to know what state the person is from. Encourage them to only do this once. If they sign up multiple times, this could tip them off that somebody is trying to throw them off. Tell them to say that they are a Nader supporter. Around Oct 15th they will be paired with a Kerry supporter. They will be emailed by that Kerry supporter. They must go along with it and act like they think it is great that they are going to throw Bush out of the White House. Then on Nov 2., VOTE FOR BUSH, HA HA, SUCKERS!

They are going to start pairing October 15th. We need to start doing this right now.[Name redacted to protect this obviously demented soul from left-wing retribution]

Surely -- surely! -- dear readers, you must understand that I could never -- never! perish the thought! -- condone such a thing! I bring this dastardly scheme to your attention only because of my sincere belief in the public's right to know. Do not -- do not! -- go to http://www.votepair.org/ and take part in this devious scheme, I implore you!

Update: Allah has a new campaign shenanigans post up, but he doesn't seem to know about this one yet.

Update: Commissar is worried about MiniTruth reports on Afghan election problems and is totally ignoring Republican dirty tricks in U.S. election.


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