The Veteran in the Wall

My research assistant Mr. Google located a Russ Vaughn piece that apparently hasn't been posted on any of the MilBlogs before. The only place I could find a copy was in a reader comment at The American Thinker. Russ is rapidly becoming known as the poet laureate of the right non-left portion of the blogosphere, and I think this item deserves a wider audience than it has had previously.

A poem from Russ Vaughn, who served with the 2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, in Vietnam, 1965-66. ....

The Veteran in the Wall

Here I lay within this wall,

And cry out to be heard.

I committed no crimes

I served,

Purely and simply,

I served,

Bravely and honorably.

I did not serve any political belief,

I served my country.

I gave up every good thing that I had,

And volunteered for this fierce duty,

To do the will of this nation

To defeat an enemy

That threatened our well-being.

So here I lie, moldering,

Close by the oaks of Arlington,

Wondering, wondering,

Will ever my voice be heard?

-Russ Vaughn

Russ, thank you for being the voice of so many who can no longer speak for themselves. November 2nd will truly be Veterans' Day, and you can take pride in having done your part.


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